iPXE-simple. Easy iPXE Building from source code

Build iPXE images with your own embedded script in easy steps.

You need Docker installed for this project!

Step 1: Download the project

You can use git command or simply download it from github

Step 2: Edit files

You can change the commands to edit config files, add/or remove packages, files, etc.

    a. You can comment out "make efi" commands to save your time if you don't need them.
    b. You can comment out settings "sed -i..." if you don't need them.
    c. You can edit/add/or remove batch files.
    d. Replace the content of EFI.ipxe and Legacy.ipxe script with yours.
    e. etc.

Step 3: Build the project

The build process might take some time a while as it download the origin Ubuntu docker image, clone iPXE source and build all necessary images.

Navigate to the project directory (where dockerfile and other project files are)

cd /path/to/project/dir

and start the build

docker build --no-cache -t sebaxakerhtc/ipxe-simple .

Step 4: Run the container

Run the container:

docker run --restart unless-stopped --name ipxe-simple -p 80:80 -d sebaxakerhtc/ipxe-simple

Step 5:Enjoy!

Your images accesseble on the http://localhost

iPXE boot screen

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