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The offered computer repair services cover a wide range of computers and laptops such as Apple, Asus, Acer, Toshiba, HP, Fujitsu-Siemens, Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, IBM, LG, BenQ, Hyundai, Dell, Pacard Bell, COMPAQ etc. In addition to standard computer repair services, we can service laptops and other types of computers to restore their performance or improve their performance.

  In order to provide full service and repair of your computer we can replace basic or additional components such as video card, motherboards, power supply, optical drives (cd, dvd), network cards (LAN), to perform maintenance to improve the performance of your computer and its performance.

  For corporate clients and companies that need periodic service, maintenance and repair of computers in the office, we offer a subscription that includes everything you need.

  Services and products:

- repair and maintenance of computers and laptops

- diagnosis of problems

- repair of damages - replacement of parts, cleaning from viruses, etc.

- installation and reinstallation of operating systems and software programs

- assembly of computer configurations - new and second hand

- sale of computer parts and peripherals according to the customer's needs

- multimedia consultation - assistance in connection, settings and operation of video, audio and computer

- visit to the address and delivery of configurations and products to the homes

- delivery and installation with setup of wireless routers for home and business

  PC service Burgas aims to be a fair, permanent and reliable partner. To deliver the highest quality services within the agreed time and to be always available and a reliable assistant to its customers, in need of repair and maintenance of their computer or laptop for the city of Burgas.

  The clients who have used computer services of PC service Burgas recommend us not only because of the exact prices of the services, but also because of the fast and quality service.