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Laptop repair

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Repair of all brands and models of laptops: Lenovo, IBM, Toshiba, Dell, HP-Compaq, Asus, Fujitsu Siemens, MSI, Apple, Macbook Pro, MacBook Air Acer, Sony, and others. Every laptop repair is done professionally, regardless of the difficulty and time it takes.
• each repair of a laptop is done with original spare parts, we use modern equipment and quality materials and consumables needed for the repair
• repairs are performed by proven professionals in the field of laptops, after each repair quality control is performed on the work performed
• A warranty is issued on the performed repairs of laptops in our service


Laptop repairs can be done in many places. Before you make your choice, see our advantages:
• we repair motherboards at the element level, regardless of the complexity of the damage.
• repairs are carried out professionally, regardless of the difficulty and time they take.
• Our success in repairing motherboards is over 80% according to statistics.
• attention is paid to the damaged computer equipment, the work is not cluttered, we try to repair everything without exception.

If handled carelessly by a person without the necessary knowledge, the laptop may be further damaged during the repair attempt. Usually in such cases there will be no traces left, nothing will "smoke" or "burn", and the external manifestation of the defect can be preserved. In fact, the laptop has already reached a state in which subsequent repairs may be impossible. In order not to fall into such a situation, it is very important to make a proper diagnosis.
What repairs we made:
- Prevention, dust cleaning
- Cleaning flooded laptops
- Cleaning flooded keyboards
- Replacement of matrices (display) and ribbon cable to display
- Replacement of damaged chipsets and video cards (Nvidia / ATI / Intel)
- Replacement of power sockets, audio, USB
- Replacement of inverter, keyboards and hinges
When repairing laptops, there are specific rules and ways to repair the damage. The disassembly process can be overwhelmingly difficult for a person without practice and dexterity, or ugly marks and broken elements can be left on the laptop's integrity. Motherboard repair involves both scientific and mechanical skills in chip replacement. In the process of repair, these skills flow into a whole to achieve success.
 That is why it is right to repair laptops by technicians with practice and excellent skills who work carefully, spare the equipment of customers and love their work.