Windows 10 sebaxakerhtc edition

It is with great pleasure that I inform you that Service for the Burgas computer now uses unique Windows 10 images for installation.

These images were produced in strict accordance with Microsoft policies and guidelines. For preparation, we used the original "Environment for Deployment and Imaging Tools", developed and provided also by Microsoft.

The images are absolutely original.

- When choosing the edition for installation, the site address "PCSERVICEBURGAS.COM" is registered in front of each
- 3 languages ​​(En, Ru, Bg)
- Splitting install.wim into install.swm to fit on a Fat32 stick for UEFI installation
- Icons are moved to the Desktop (This Computer, User files, Control Panel)
- In the control panel, the default view: Large icons
- Integrated updates
- In the information "About the system" our phones, address and website for your convenience

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