MacBook repair

Service for out-of-warranty repair of Apple laptops.

   - replacement of batteries and keyboards
   - replacement of a broken matrix
   - replacement of broken hinges
   - cleaning and prevention
   - repair a damaged motherboard
   - replacement and rebolting of a video card or chipset
   - sale of chargers for Apple laptops
   - creation of Apple ID (registration)

We offer repair and maintenance of all Apple Mac models. If your Apple Mac starts up at all, doesn't boot the operating system (cursor rotates and can't boot desktop), doesn't show anything on the screen, the image is very dark - you see a pale image, you have a broken or cracked screen let's help! We offer :

· Repair of motherboards

· Troubleshooting dimmed screens, no backlight

· Replacement of broken or cracked screens

· Replacement of power sockets

· Replacement of broken hinges and boxes

· Repair of NVidia and ATI graphics chips

· Replacing keyboards

· Memory upgrade

· Replacement and upgrade of hard drives

· Mac OS X installation and upgrade

· It is recommended that your Mac be serviced every 6 months. This will make working with him more enjoyable and will extend his life!

Please contact us for professional help and problem solving!