Outdoor service

Сервиз за компютри Бургас

Repair of computers and laptops in homes and offices

Computer service Burgas offers the service "home and office visit"

for repair and maintenance of computer equipment.

The visits are made by specialists with proven experience in the field of computers

technologies and work with clients.

We offer quality services at competitive prices .


                                                             Common problems

- Computer / Laptop does not work - Windows does not start

- The computer / laptop restarts / shuts down

- Suspected / has viruses

- The computer / laptop is running very slowly

- Install programs and games

- Reinstall Windows

- Strengthening the computer / laptop - Cleaning the computer / laptop from dust

- Problems with the Internet



- This is the fastest and most convenient way for you to repair

- The visit takes place at your chosen time of day

"You don't have to leave your house."

- You see how the repair is done

- The technician serves ONLY your equipment