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Computer repair

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Proper desktop repair requires precision and attention because of the ability to assemble the computer (assemble from different parts) - something that is impossible with laptops.

This can lead to a number of problems concerning conflicts between individual components and / or other problems.

Repair and maintenance of computers (desktop computers).

Time for repair of defective equipment - from 1 to 5 working days
Prevention - cleaning and lubrication of the fans of the computer system
Repair of desktop computers and replacement of fans
Repair and maintenance of motherboards and replacement of capacitors
Repair of power supplies for computers

What could take us longer?

Recovering lost information is one of the most time consuming operations.
Complete diagnostics of a computer system takes up to 3 hours.

The computer, no matter how complex it may seem, consists of no more than 10 power supply modules,
motherboard, processor, fans, hard drive, working memory, optical drive, video card and more.

In our service there are several of these modules in several varieties always available:


hard drives of the companies: WESTERN DIGITAL, HITACHI, SEAGATE, SAMSUNG, EXCELSTOR others most often the damages are expressed in bad sectors, broken mechanics or electronics. Recovering information from such hard drives is time consuming and is not always guaranteed, so we recommend that you back up your information to an external medium on a regular basis.
Recovery of information. How do we recover the information? - We use software from global manufacturers to recover information, we have electronics in stock for most models and we replace the burned electronics with new ones.

power supply units of the companies: DELUX, FORTRON, SPIRE and other most often faults occur in electric shocks due to power supply problems and or thunderstorms. Replacement of filter capacitors or Gretz circuit. are a sure sign that the quality of the power supply is not good!

motherboards of the companies: GYGABYTE, MSI, FOXCONN, ASUS and others, most often the problems on the motherboards are related to stopped working chipset fans, or inflated capacitors.

video cards from the companies NVIVIA, AMD, SAPPHIRE, MSI, GYGABYTE, INNOVISION and others. is saved by BGN 20.