The first in the world really remote installation of Windows!

I am very proud to inform you about the service - remote reinstallation of Windows 10 via the Internet using a wired LAN connection.

Installation is possible from anywhere in the world and does not require special knowledge from the client.

How is this possible?

Using a set of programs and scripts in various operating systems!

How does the installation work?

First, you need to provide access to your computer using a method convenient for you. For example, "Remote Desktop" is a built-in solution from Microsoft Windows.

We will check how the current installation is done, the disk layout, a surface (quick) test of the equipment.

Based on the information received from you and your computer, we will prepare a unique script (set of commands) and launch its execution.

At the end of the process, you will see a language selection on the screen and an offer to accept the Microsoft license terms.

After going to the Desktop, you can again provide us with access for the final stage: selection of the necessary drivers, installation of programs and optimization of the operation of the Operating System, or you can do it yourself (if you wish)

Demonstration of work is displayed in the video:

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