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Welcome to computer service Burgas (Serviz za komputri Burgas Professionals)!

Are you looking for computer specialists who can provide you with fast and high-quality electronics and computer hardware repair services at competitive, competitive prices?
Congratulations - you are in the right place!

We are glad to offer you services for eliminating problems with computers of any level in your home or office.
Take just a few minutes to this page to find out how we can help you now or in the future. We are ready to provide emergency computer assistance on site or by remote connection. Below is a small part of the services we provide:

Free consultation on the selection and purchase of a new computer / laptop
Installing and reinstalling Windows, Linux, MacOS, any other operating system
Full customization of your new computer / laptop, including the necessary drivers and programs
Solving problems related to turning on / off the computer / laptop, starting the operating system
Create and save a backup copy of your files. Retrieving data from non-working storage devices
Eliminating driver problems. Selection of the most suitable one.
Finding out the causes / elimination of "blue screens of death", spontaneous reboots and shutdowns
Replacing faulty / missing modules
Flashing / flashing iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
Replacing Broken Displays
Restoring the functionality of smartphones and tablets

We do not just fix problems, but explain the reasons for their occurrence and advise clients on how to prevent their recurrence.